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Becoming CPD accredited sends a clear message to your learners with a promise for excellence. It demonstrates your dedication to their continuing professional development and differenciates you in a crowded market.

Simply put: tell your clients why they should choose you.
* The initial conversation with our CPD advisors are free, no-obligation calls that help you understand if CPD accreditation is right for you, how to prepare, and what you need to know.

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CPD accreditation explained

in simple words

CPD accreditation is the trust mark you add to your training to demonstrate the high value of a learning experience with you. The accreditation is not about the validity of your professional knowledge; instead, it focuses on your ability to deliver training that enables your learners to achieve their professional goals.

Going through the certification process will help you refresh your offering, polish any rough edges, and gain a lifelong partner in the face of CPD Standards Office. 

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Dawn McIlwain

AgileConnex Incorporated

Kimberly Olson

The Goal Digger Girl

How CPD Accreditation helps you become a trusted educating provider

Devotion to excellence

Today, anyone can create a training course, and we are confident that as an educator yourself, you have seen the abundance that recently entered the market.

Nevertheless, only a fraction of educators is genuinely devoted to the excellence required for training to be a valuable experience.

The CPD Standards Office exists to support those educators like yourself that strive for excellence. The CPD Accreditation trust mark will help you communicate your superiority and win over the learners that need your knowledge.

Commitment to professionalism

CPD Accreditation is for those educators who strive to deliver world-class training and enhance their professional field.

Offering CPD accredited courses helps delegates see your commitment to continuing professional development and recognise an opportunity to enhance their careers.

Obtaining your CPD accreditation via the CPD Standards Office opens your door to a community of over 1000 professionals working together to grow better.
Here's how easy it is to become a verified CPD provider
How the accreditation process works
If you’re a speaker, offer coaching, courses, training programs, or run events and conferences, and would like to establish yourself as an industry specialist, CPD accreditation may be the ideal solution for you.
It is simple and straightforward:


Book a call with one of our CPD advisors.

During your initial call they'll help you identify the best option for you and what needs to be done.


Fill in the assessment form(s) and submit it.

As your partner, we're here to help if you have questions or feel unsure about anything.


Share your accreditation with the world.

Our marketing department will help you share your newly obtained accreditation.
Gaining accreditation provides an endorsement for your business and enhances the training you offer - with the resulting effect of more sales, greater profile recognition, and improved quality of attendees.

Two ways to proceed

Ready to have a chat?

If you're ready to chat with one of our advisors, click the link below and book a call at a time convenient for you*.

Remember that your initial call is all about getting the information you need.

Our advisors have years of experience in CPD accreditation and will be able to help you identify the right path for you so that you can make the most out of your CPD accreditation.

* If you need to reschedule your call, reply to the confirmation email you will receive after booking and let us know an alternative date and time.

If you're not ready yet

Love the idea of being CPD accredited, but your training is not ready yet? Let's keep in touch!

Drop your name and email below, and we'll reach out occasionally with tips and tricks on best teaching practices, course creation, AI in education, and other topics that might help inspire you.
Join A Prestigious, Global Community

of over 1,000 CPD approved trainers, coaches, and educators

When you become accredited by the CPD Standards Office, you get more than just a mark of accreditation with the CPD logo. You also become part of our CPD Standards Community alongside over 1,000 other accredited providers. This community is growing stronger every day, with its vast range of connections to membership organisations, employers and universities.

Get ahead of your competitors and gain a HUGE market share

Becoming CPD accredited helps you to stand out in an already overcrowded marketplace and turns your learning experience into an authority.

Build your brands reputation and be known as a premier provider

Having the mark of accreditation from The CPD Standards Office means you'll be known as a premier provider of CPD and boosts your reputation.

Attract more professionals and organisations that need CPD training

Get your foot in the door with the best known corporations and companies who are looking for CPD accredited courses and training programs.

Network with successful providers committed to being the best

Attend online and offline events for free as part of our constantly growing community of other CPD providers to network and share knowledge with each other.

Stay 'in the loop' with relevant market updates and meaningful insights

The CPD Standards Office  is also home to the CPD research project, so you'll receive cutting edge insights, recent CPD trends and news on a weekly basis.

Demonstrate to customers you are adopting the latest technologies

A pioneer in the field of independent accreditation, the CPD Standards Office has partnered with Gradbase to utilise Blockchain technology which you can use too.
Frequently Asked Questions
 Is there a cost associated with CPD Accreditation?
Yes, there is a cost for becoming CPD accredited, and it depends on the number of learning events you are looking to accredit. These learning events can be face-2-face courses, online courses, or industry-specific events. We also offer speakers and life coaches accreditation based on a body of work. The CPD Standards Office accreditation cost is, in effect, a membership fee, providing you access and the support of a large community of educators like yourself, committed to excellence and delivering world-class training.
 Are payment plans available?
Yes, we provide various membership subscription options, whether you are a sole trader or a multi-million-pound business. The fees will be determined during your initial conversation with one of our advisors. Once the cost is determined, you can either pay it in full (preferred by the majority of our members) or cover the payment in up to 6 months, where an additional 10% fee is applicable.
How long does my CPD accreditation last for?
Your membership commitment with The CPD Standards Office is for a minimum of two years. Payment for the first year is at the beginning of the contract, and you will receive the invoice for the second year 60 days before the renewal date with a 15% discount, applicable every year onwards. After the first two years, your contract becomes a rolling 1-year contract. Your first-year membership lasts 14 instead of 12 months - we don't charge you for the time it takes to become accredited, and you can enjoy the full 12 months of accreditation.
How long does the CPD accreditation process take?
There are two options for our assessment process:
▸ SWIFT – For an additional fee, you can have your full CPD badge and documents within 14 days of complete application submission.
▸ ROUTINE – From the day of complete submission, it generally takes up to 30 working days to receive your accreditation, including your CPD Trustmark as a digital badge, PNG & JPEG and documents. The timeframe depends on the number of activities submitted. There is no additional CPD fee for the routine option.

Some of our members

"Having our courses independently evaluated and quality assured, has given our clients that extra confidence in knowing that what they are paying for is a quality service."
Anita Devi
Team ADL
"I was looking for a professional organisation to support my coaching offerings. There’s a lot to choose from in a crowded market, but I ended up selecting the CPDSO because they really care about their customers, their products and their services."
Simon Rickman
Development Coach
"CPD has not only enhanced my presence and reputation as a speaker, but also developed new opportunities that enable me to engage with audiences at a broader range of events." 
Dale Howarth
Accredited CPD Speaker

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